Enter our Asia Book in Mathura Festival

Asia’s Records Book is inviting all those with substance to enter our Asia Book with a bang and be an Asia’s Records Book pride Record Holder. Our festival to let all the deserving aspirants enter our Asia Book is starting today in Mathura at our branch office. Our Asia Book entrant would also be entitled to our special gifts and new titles which are kept a surprise and would be disclosed for the first time at the venue.

You, your friends and all are cordially invited to prove your worth to the world and enter our Asia Book. All Record Holders would be receiving immediate recognition and place in our 2019 Asia’s Records Book. So, be prepared to enter our Asia Book.

You can also invite our adjudicator independently for your own adjudication. You can also discuss your record claiming/breaking feat with our trained Counsellors. Our counsellors can guide you and further advise you about how to enhance your record claim and make it a success.

You can also attend our Record Festival at Faridabad if you wish so.

We wish you all a very successful New Year 2019.

See you there.


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