Asia’s Records Book Wishes all a Happy Gandhi Jayanti

A tribute to the Father of the Nation
Asia Book inspires all to follow Gandhiji’s Principles and values

In a Gentle way, You can shake the world

Asia’s Records Book, following the principles and values of the Father of the Nation, inspire all their Asia Book Record Holders to abide by his principles and gently rise above the bar to shake the world.

When he can, so we can. Gather momentum, focus better and there’s nothing which can’t be achieved. You have to keep progressing towards the higher goal, whatsoever come the way and whatsoever it takes. Sandcastles could be built in a day but not Rome. A solid foundation is the core of all achievements, without which nothing but the fake can be achieved. So, keep trying, for further details you could please reach us to talk to our adjudicators and research team to assist you in your endeavours.

Till then, Cheers!

Asia’s Records Book, For those with substance

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