Asia’s Records Book Wishes all a Happy Gandhi Jayanti

A tribute to the Father of the Nation
Asia Book inspires all to follow Gandhiji’s Principles and values

In a Gentle way, You can shake the world

Asia’s Records Book, following the principles and values of the Father of the Nation, inspire all their Asia Book Record Holders to abide by his principles and gently rise above the bar to shake the world.

When he can, so we can. Gather momentum, focus better and there’s nothing which can’t be achieved. You have to keep progressing towards the higher goal, whatsoever come the way and whatsoever it takes. Sandcastles could be built in a day but not Rome. A solid foundation is the core of all achievements, without which nothing but the fake can be achieved. So, keep trying, for further details you could please reach us to talk to our adjudicators and research team to assist you in your endeavours.

Till then, Cheers!

Asia’s Records Book, For those with substance

Why Records Book?

Asia’s Records Book is riding high on its mission to bring out the inside hero of all passionate people who have the substance and an edge on others to enter their records book.  They are bent upon on creating a world of challenges, where all are ready to throw a challenge, accept a challenge and chase a challenge. Their Asia Book has inspired millions to find out space for themselves and make their place in the annals of history and engrave their masterstroke.

There’s an obvious question that why records book exists and what is their significance in this running chaotic world, where all are already chasing something or another and are deeply engrossed in their daily schedules. This question has emerged on various platforms by many aspiring to be record holders who have ever craved to enter their Asia Book of Records. Asia’s Records Book has always given them a clear insight into how humans get motivated and remained fuelled in even the most adverse circumstances by themselves, and that is where the records book comes in play.

Here let’s embark directly on the main clue rather than jotting all reasons and addressing other indirect matters, which have their impact on the record holders but are not the main ingredients to let them enter records book.

Records Book creates and set the milestones for the future generations along with setting a benchmark for the individual record holders who have just made their mark to the Asia’s Records Book created history and trying to make their impression in Guinness World Records.

The strength of a record holder lies in improvising his own attempt minute after minute, day after day and year after year. There’s nothing better than working on the skills which make them enter the Asia Book of Records or rather any other Records Book as Guinness World Records. Aspiring record holders can directly fill the application form and start their mission.

Asia’s Records book is regularly conducting sessions on encouraging all to enter their Records Book and claim their space in the horizons of exceptional people and to later make their mark to even Guinness World Records. Their Adjudicators can further guide the new entrants to enter Records Book.

We invite all to attend our training sessions to enter our Asia Book and be an Asia’s Records Book Record holder and a Guinness World Records aspirant. One can always reach their blogs and remain tuned.

Happy World Brailles Day! January 4th 2019

Asia’s Records Book wishes all a Happy World Brailles Day!

This Day is a reminder for us all of the importance of accessibility and independence for people who are blind or visually impaired. Let’s pledge to provide them with all facilities to have them a convenient living and make our world more accessible to them.

Asia’s Records Book – Happy World Braille Day!

Today, let’s spread the awareness about braille and it’s all other accessible forms of communication for all blind and partially sighted people. Let’s provide all a fair and similar platform to live and thrive as we all for sure deserves the same convenience, facilities, pleasures, accommodations and service, regardless of ability and calibre.

Asia’s Records Book on World Braille Day accepts their responsibility to do their part to make the Word and workplaces more accessible, comfortable and fit for all.

Asia’s Records Book – Records Carnival

Asia’s Records Book is organising a Kids Records Carnival at Sonipat from 22nd-24th December 2018. All Kids under 5 years are welcome to come and display their feat to get registered in our Asia’s Records Book. All confirmed attempts would be intimated there and then. Unqualified attemptees can again attempt in our next Kids Records Carnival after a span of minimum 1 year.

All kids are to be escorted with their parents or guardians and should carry thier birth documents, school records or available documents to prove their claim of under 5. 

All the aspiring kid’s parents should ensure that their kids are mentally and physically fit to perform in our reords attempt and are advised to bring a medical certificate to coroborate the claim. 

Asia’s Records Book holds no responsibility for any mishappening or untoward incident which may happen during the records carnival. All are accordingly advised to attempt records and display your feats in a safe and healthy manner only. Any record attempt considered to be dangerous for self or others or not as per the government’s norms would not be allowed.

You are requested to kindly consult our support team and seek advise where-ever in doubt to avoid last minute inconvenience or refusal from our side. You can also visit our Records categories, prior to approaching us. 

Only registered candidates would be entertained at the venue along with a maximum of two escorts. You have to register your details on our website and are advised to subsequently give a call to it to confirm and take your prospect number.

Asia’s Records Book is under no obligation to accept any record attempt, in case of non acceptance from our adjudicating team.

We wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2019.

See you there, till then Cheers! 

Asia’s Records Book – An Asia Book of Record Holders

Asia’s Records Book is an Asia Book of Record Holders, wherein all the Asian Records are registered. This is all that you think about. It’s correct, but there’s much more at party for all our Record Holders. 

  1. Endurance Test – Our all Record Holders are provided a fair chance to test their endurance under the guidance of our Accredited Adjudicators before attempting for Record-breaking or making attempts.
  2. Guidelines to be an Asia’s  Book Record Holder – Our Research team submit relevant guidelines as per the record attempt, age, deed and existing records to the attemptee, to think, prepare, chalk out and design the correct strategy to make your mark and enter our Asia’s Records Book, which is an Asia book of Record Holders, but only deserving ones.
  3. International Protocols as per Asia Records – Our Administrative team let you get acquainted with the required International Protocols as per Asia Records to enter our Asia Book of Record Holders. Once you are aware of the various do’s and don’t, it becomes easier for you to keep in mind those protocols and attempt the deed.
  4. Being a Naive you are no more naive – Once you get in touch with our experienced Design and Research team, you become an enriched person well aware of the basic methodologies and modalities to push the boundaries and enter our Asia’s Records Book.
  5. Time to time Training and Motivational Lectures – It is one of our great endeavours to provide the pre-requisite training and inspirational moments to all our prospective record holders to let them perform with their entire grit and raise the bar. No where over the entire planet such programs exist. Ever thought why Records Book exists?

So, Dear prospective Record Holders it’s time to apply, and get adjudicated to enter our Asia’s Records Book like a Guinness World Records holder. It’s not a bad idea to peak in our Records Categories too.

Till then Cheers!

Congratulations! Lucas Etter

Congratulations! Lucas Etter to be the new Fastest to solve a Rubik’s Cube in an astounding 4.904 seconds to break the 5-second   barrier in a standard3x3x3 puzzle and enter the Guinness World Records. Asia’s Records Book inspires all their Record Holders to follow his footsteps and make their way to their Asia Records.

It’s just not a matter of being fast fingered to enter Guinness World Records but a matter of fine blending dexterity with pace. Today River Hill High School in Clarksville, Maryland would be obviously feeling proud on you, but you are much more than that and definitely a role model for all our Asia’s Records Book aspirants to motivate them enough to enter our Asia Book.

Setting a new Guinness World Record after just two months of creating a one in Woodmont Hills Church in Nashville, Tennessee, USA in September is a real deed in itself.

You can also grace Asia’s Records Book by entering our Asia Book in addition to being a Guinness World Records Record holder.

We also welcome you to read our other blogs and give your valuable suggestions to our aspiring Asia Book record holders at our other home blogs. You can further know about us in our following section.