Asia’s Records Book – Sweets Carnival – Let’s make this Diwali Different!

Asia’s Records Book has always attempted to give life a new outlook, a new meaning, a new purpose and make it more colourful, tasteful, rejoicing, sweet, spicy and piquant. It’s time to treat your sweet-tooth.

A Very Happy and Prosperous Dhanteras!

At our Sweets Carnival on Dhanteras, we are preparing delicacies as Crackers form to make you more care-free and cheer to keep you indulging. Yes, it’s different. It’s going to be a tasteful Diwali in addition to the Green Diwali. Laddoos will be Bombs, while Jalebis would imbibe Chakris. Chowmein would be Chatter-Patter and Goal-Gappa’s the Anars to burst the moment you gallop.

Dhoklas would be hand bombs, and Rasgullas the special tongue delights to be nothing short of multi-colour throw bombs. Our fusion sweets would take you right away to the memories wherein we use to lit meters long red-bombs strip.

Be there to arouse your taste buds to incite your urge to have more every time you taste something, every time you try a surprise and make this Asia’s Records Book Sweets Carnival, special for your and for all.

You can join us along with your two more friends, subject to availability. Dress code is formal. Kids under four to join some other time. Venue and Rest guidelines along with registration with your pass. Send your registration before evening 6:00 today.

You all are Welcome!

Diwali Special at Asia’s Records Book

Diwali is not only the festival of any particular community, caste or creed but are the moments to cheer while still in one’s role. This year we had something special in our mind from the very beginning of the year and are feeling contented to provide it to our Asia’s Records Book – Records holders. There’s a special personal loan available to all at 0% interest for the next six months with the upper slab of Rs. 50,000/- from our financiers. So just rejoice, shower gifts and blessings, be gracious and be the reason for one’s happiness and for someone’s special moments. Diwali is just not the festival of lights and crackers. But a special occasion to express to all that they are special to us, they are important for us and without them, we exist, but that’s not an existence. So just gear up, apply at our website and pick your share of happiness to be the special for all, heartily, graciously and kindly. The offer is available for only our existing record holders, who enrolled before 31st October 2018.
Asia’s Records Book believes in enlightening other’s life. And while you will be enlightening others you yourself are enlightened in return on its own during the very process. Trust us!

Ever thought how to be an Asia’s Records Book – Record Holder

Ever thought of how to be an Asia’s Records Book – Record Holder

Welcome! You are at the most important turning point of your life.

It’s a human craving to be admired, respected, revered and worshipped every moment and no surprise by all, even from those who are not even acquainted or are unknown and a stranger to us.

If you have this thought deep inside you somewhere then Congratulations! You are quite close to being a record holder. You have to apply to us by filling the Application form and our team would guide you every step until you become Asia’s Record Holder.  It’s just the keenness to be which drives your life and make you a Record holder.

And if you belong to another half of the world, then just ask yourself why not. What prevents you from being Asia’s Record Holder? Believe us, to your surprise, you would find it’s nothing more than a sheer lack of confidence which scares you of the results and prevents you from the spotlight. Just chill and join our monthly motivational training sessions, weekly classes and daily lectures, and you would become the Gem of the men with energy and confidence oozing out of you.

Many succeeded, most are underway and others are applying. You could be the selected one of those who engraves their fortune themselves. So, talk to us and be an Asia’s Records Book Record Holder.


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