Training Day 14: Look inside and find out the grey areas to work upon

Tomorrow will be the day for reviews and analysis, the most important part of one’s growth, prosperity and progress. We would like to see you all emerge as a real hero with a stupendous performance and an amazing review sheet. After all, you have worked so hard to enter our Asia’s Records, the Asia Book of Record Holders for name and fame.

Where we reached: After repeating the same task for two weeks you must have developed a better pace and interest in your daily practice. Now the training would have become more of a fun rather than a rigorous work schedule. 

Fun leads to growth: Once we start enjoying what we are doing, we also start growing as never before. Now it is not the schedule nor the fear of any punishment that is driving you but the fun in doing that activity blended with the zeal of achieving something that matters to you. It is your own admiration that makes the difference and let you excel.

What for today: For today we would like you to take out some two to three hours from your busy schedule and send us your honest understanding of your journey so far. Sit in some peaceful place in your home for five minutes with closed eyes. Start thinking from the day one training, when you were more hesitant than confident to embark something which you desired but were doubtful to put the required degree of effort.

Write your thoughts: Keep writing whatever comes to your mind without deciding whether it is worth it or not. Any thought that crosses your mind at this time should not go unnoticed. You need not write the entire sentence but just write a symbol or a few words which will help you later to recall what you felt at that point in time.

Repetition pays: After doing this exercise, wait for a while and repeat again. This time you would get a better analysis of your thoughts and the past two weeks. If required repeat it once more. Summarise all the points and ponder over them. Also, send us your list to us to let our team look into it and advise you accordingly. 

Day of review: Tomorrow, we would be discussing your fourteen days training regime and that too, one is to one. You should also prepare a checklist of all those questions hovering your mind as this time you would be discussing with our entire panel of trainers. 

Track your apprehensions: Look back what still holds you behind which you feel is preventing you from attaining great heights. What was holding you to date is not ultimate to not to be worked out in your favour. No fear is bold enough to not be overcome by efforts and no apprehension is powerful enough to not be detached from your mind. 

You are the best judge: It is the time for you to look inside and find out what can be built and what has to be removed from your journey of being a record holder. Only you can figure out what is required and what is not, what is going to help you and what is going to restrict. 

This is your journey, wherein others can guide you, train you and let you follow a certain track but it is you who has to take the actions.

It is your action that matters in your journey, others may guide but cannot walk for you. 

We remember here the quote of Brian Tracy

“You begin to fly when you let go of self-limiting beliefs and allow your mind and aspirations to rise to greater heights.”

So, rise yourself over your self-limiting beliefs and give yourself a new gasp of fresh energy to propel your journey to enter our book of records.


Training Day: 13 – A nice preparation and properly organized effort matters.

Training Day: 13 – A nice preparation and properly organized effort matters.

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, once said:

“Organize, don’t agonize.”

And we believe, there could not be better advice than this for those, who are working on some mission to achieve something worth in life and who wants to live their dream and breathe their passion every moment.

It is always better to plan and organize one according to one’s plan rather than agonizing later on loss of time, energy, money and other resources. Wasting time and agonizing over split milk is much costlier and painful than investing time in organizing oneself.

Therefore, we would like to appeal all our aspirants of preparing for entering our Records Book to get organized and smartly work hard to utilize this Lockdown period. We want you all to utilize this time in building your skills and achieve your dreams to become a record holder.

We would also like to talk about two quotes of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United State:

I will prepare, and someday my chance will come.

Yes, if one will keep preparing day and night without fail as per the planning and mission, then one day he/she is bound to achieve the goal no matter how difficult the path is, and how tough the mission. As we briefed in our 9th-day training – “Essence of perseverance for entering Asia’s Records Book”, the success lies in keep preparing what we want to achieve. Someday or the other, sooner or later, we will achieve it.

How long one should keep preparing: You would be now thinking but how long one should keep preparing. Our chances to succeed in our mission lies in us. It’s we who are the right person to answer ourselves. Preparations have to be brewed with the right training to accomplish tasks and achieve goals in the stipulated time, rather they will make us achieve them before it. 

Another quote of Abraham Lincoln will clarify it:

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Keeping tools intact: Hope you would have received your answer by now. If we are well prepared with the right tools, right stuff, and a properly planned chalked out in consultation with the right trainer, we are on the right track of accomplishing our dreams. 

Daily reviews and introspection: And, the most important is to keep measuring your results and daily introspecting your daily progress in comparison to the day before, as well as according to the laid out plan. It’s a must to enter our Book of Records or succeed in any other objective.

Tuning as per daily requirement: We would like you to visit the 8th-day training also – adjusting your sail as per analysis in conjunction with that we have discussed today. Keep preparing and keep adjusting your sail as per the changes required in your daily routine to let you accomplish your daily task and stay tuned with your chalked out plans. It is a must as if we are not taking the corrective measure then where is the point in undergoing a daily rigorous training and a deep analysis of introspection.

We are sure, you all are following our daily advice and are working diligently towards achieving your goals of being a Record Holder. Our training team is thoroughly reviewing your daily submitted reports and is advising you accordingly. But what matters more is your implementation of those corrections and incorporation of those steps in your daily regime.

Tomorrow, we would be back with something new and more interesting.

Stay fit and stay inside to help the nation in combatting the pandemic of COVID-19.


Training Day: 8 – Adjusting your sail as per analysis to enter Asia’s Records Book

Training Day: 8

Yesterday’s analysis might have surprised many pleasantly as well as many not so pleasantly. And to no surprise, it was expected.

Dalai Lama, the Buddhist Spiritual Guru said:

The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual’s own reason with critical analysis.”

We at Asia’s Records Book (for those with substance) also believes in the same. One is the best judge of oneself. One should critically analyze him/her and reason every unpleasant result. If we have the inner strength to reason our limitations and lagging results, we can definitely work out them one day, but if we would not even recognize them then how we could ever overcome them and could improvise on them.

What Next: By now, we would have traced out the reasons for not meeting our set goals which we ourselves diluted by 20% on the 2nd day of the training. It’s the time to take stock of these reasons and the limitations which are resulting in our not meeting our goals. It’s the time to work on these reasons by breaking them into small fragments and sort out each fragment one by one. 

Participate in Zoom Meeting: In the coming days, we are planning of conducting a Zoom meeting wherein we could directly address our participants and could discuss their shortcomings and work out them. It would also provide an interactive platform to all our would-be Record Holders to learn about other’s problems and the strategies require to come out through them successfully.

Preparations for Zoom Meeting: We want all of you to prepare a check-list and get ready with it. We would be discussing each and every question, no matter howsoever the meeting goes on. This will pave the way for further journeys and adjust our sail to reach our goal of entering Asia’s Records Book within your planned time.

Three key factors we want you to closely monitor of your self:

  1. Discipline: This is the first and the most important key which overcomes all limitations and strengths. If one is disciplined to work then sooner or later, today or tomorrow one reaches the goal and achieves the mission. Discipline makes us work even in the most adverse conditions and environments. It is the real force that brings us to our working desk or training grounds irrespective of whether we are willing to do or not. And, trust us, this is the only strength that makes you different from the others.
  2. Determination: We always stress on the determination of an individual while aiming to achieve any milestone of life, leave aside entering our Records Book. It is something internal and is directly governed by the will power.
  3. You will agree with Joss Whedon

“If you can’t run, you crawl. If you can’t crawl – you find someone to carry you” 

The idea is to be firm enough to reach your goal no matter how you could be there.

3. Dedication: The third most important factor that brews out of discipline and determination is dedication. If we are dedicated to achieving something then we ourselves find out the way of achieving them. No one else knows better than us what works for us and what doesn’t.

Let us learn from –Nathan W. Morris

The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you are willing to sacrifice.”

If we are prepared to dedicatedly do what it takes to reach your goal and achieve your mission and we are sure you can.

So, always keep in mind these 3Ds of success – Discipline, Determination and Dedication, and there’s nothing in the world that you can’t achieve.

See you tomorrow.  Stay happy, stay fit!!!

Day 7: Asia’s Records Book – Time to analyse a week’s performance

Peter Drucker, the late management guru, well said:

“What get measured, gets managed.”

And he was right. What one could measure can be worked upon accelerated, tuned and refined to give us the desired result or at least can bring us closer to it. 

Today, we would be exactly working on the same principle to analyse our past week’s performance and would reflect upon what we need to reset or what we need to retain.

Everything which is not achieved doesn’t need to be changed or reset. Rather one should seriously look into it to how to achieve it. What all resources it takes and what is the type of effort it requires to achieve what we set earlier.

One him/herself is the best judge: It is not a bad idea to go to someone and get oneself analysed but the best judge is we ourselves. At the core of the heart, we all know why we failed. It’s a separate matter that we are not willing to accept it and want it to blame on something else. But here the matter is to be a Record Holder and we cannot risk our name and fame.

Reverse Analysis: We would be suggesting you do the reverse analysis. Look into what exactly it would have taken to achieve it and how much it would have cost you in case you would have got adamant to do it, no matter what comes the way. In case the cost and the efforts are not of that magnitude that they will not shatter the earth, then don’t let your dreams get shattered. Work upon them and achieve them. Better visit our Day: 1 and Day: 2 training again.

Remedial Measure: In case you still feel that it is something not under your scope of achieving then never mind, reset the goal. The way of resetting the goal is not to do it half straight forward or cut it short by even one-fourth. The right way is to cut it by 5% maximum and check now what will happen in case you have to achieve it. Look into it and recollect all that it takes to at least retain this goal. Still, if you are not comfortable, cut it by 5% and repeat your self-analysis of achieving this goal.

An element of a stretch: It’s the element of stretch that keep one growing day after day and build one’s strength and confidence to do better the next time. If one would remain in the comfort zone and keep doing the same things again and again then the refinement in the activity will no doubt be there but the growth will be minimal. Keeping it in mind, one has to always keep a slight stretch element in what one is planning to set as the goal if one is serious about entering Asia’s Records Book, the Asia Book of Record Holders.

Insight from the trainer: In case after taking all the steps, still one is not sure about one’s goal setting then one should discuss with his/her trainer and work accordingly. They know better as they have enriched experience in training people and taking out the result from them. Otherwise, our team is always there to help you out and guide you on how others excel in such stages and what is in your best interest.

Next week’s action: Finalize the goal-chart and start working on it along with clearing your mind from all the clutter and refining it every day to get clearer and focussed. We are sure, if you have come this long then you definitely have something which sets you apart from others and brings you closer to enter Records Book. Keep moving. Stay Fit and Stay Healthy!!!

Congratulations India for Claiming 4 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards

Asia’s Records Book (For those with Substance) congratulates

Asia’s Records Book congratulates India for bagging 4 out of 16 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards in three different categories. One in the Award of Distinctions, two in the Award of Merit and another 1 in the Honorable mention. K

The Indian Awardees

Vikram Sarabhai Library received the award in the category of the Award of Distinction, Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue and Our Lady of Glory Church received the award in the Award of Merit, while Flora Fountain bagged the award in Honorable Mention. All other awardees were as per this list.

Complete list of 2019 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation

  1. The Award of Distinction
  • Vikram Sarabhai Library, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India
  • Keyuan Garden, Suzhou, China
  • Nelson School of Music, Nelson, New Zealand
    • The  Award of Merit
  • Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue, Mumbai, India
  • Our Lady of Glory Church, Mumbai, India
  • Tseto Goenpa, Paro, Bhutan
  • Guyue Bridge, Chi’an Town, Zhejiang, China
  • Lyttelton Timeball Station, Christchurch, New Zealand
    • The Honourable Mention
  • Flora Fountain, Mumbai, India
  • The 5s Classroom, Preshil The Margaret Lyttle Memorial School, Kew, Australia
  • Westpac Long Gallery, Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia
  • Liddell Bros. Packing Plant, Wuhan, China

    4)   New Design in Heritage Contexts

  • Joan Sutherland Theatre Passageway and Lift, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
  • Dry Pit Latrine in Jiaxian Ancient Jujube Garden, Nihegou Village, Shaanxi, China
  • The Mills, Hong Kong SAR, China

 The Venue

These awards were declared at a grand function held on 14th October 2019 in Penang, Malaysia.

Significance of these Awards

These Awards are awarded for recognizing the efforts of private individuals and organizations who have on their own restored and conserved the structures and buildings of specific heritage values, successfully. The awards are an inspiration to all other people who owned properties to undertake the conservation projects on their own or by taking aid from public-private partnerships to conserve such projects in their community.

Who all were in the race?

There were in total 57 entries from 14 countries across the entire Asia-Pacific region out of which sixteen projects make it to the mark to be recognized by the International Jury of conservation experts selected for this year Award’s selection. There were five countries who bagged the entire awards and they were India, Australia, New Zealand, Bhutan and China.   

When were these Awards incepted?

This Award programme was incepted way back in 2000 and since then has achieved several milestones in conserving the cultural heritage over the last 20 years. This programme displays the raised interest of common people in sustaining the community heritage in the Asia-Pacific region.

What were this year’s special highlights?

This year has marked the prestigious ongoing glory and journey of 2 decades of Cultural Heritage Conservation Awards, awarded by the UNESCO. These awards were conceived in 1999 in Penang, Malaysia, during Economics of Heritage regional conference. The awards ceremony was witnessed by 150 past winners, jury, contributors, associates and their friends along with various other delegates.

Dr Duong Bich Hanh was the Chair of the Jury and Chief of UNESCO Bangkok’s Culture Unit.

This year these awards were awarded along with Asia-Pacific Heritage 20/20 Forum and were co-organized with Think City.

What is this 20/20 Forum about?

The 20/20 Forum is another effort for saving cultural heritage and provides a grand opportunity to all industry practitioners to express their take away and reflect upon the various developments and steps taken during the last twenty years besides designing a vision and devising a strategy to link heritage with sustainable development in line with the framework designed by UNESCO Agenda 2030.

What is Asia Book of Asia’s Records Book?

Our Asia Book is an effort to encourage all the aspiring contenders of unique talents and feats to register their deeds in our Records Book and claim the glory they deserve and flaunt their fawn. We encourage all to challenge themselves to perform better in their pursuit to achieve excellence beyond all boundaries to become unique one day and create history. Being a Record Holder is not difficult, what matters is how quick you realise and early you start to make a dent.

Our training classes and ongoing sessions keep happening regularly on face to face as well as the online basis. One can enrol to have further insight on honing their talents and finding their hidden treasures and jewels gifted by the universe exclusively to them. This month from November 15th to 18th we are organising a residential training programme for 30 aspirants across Asia in New Delhi. Few seats are remaining and interested aspirants can join (subject to availability of seats at the time of their joining).

Asia’s Records Book Wishes all a Happy Gandhi Jayanti

A tribute to the Father of the Nation
Asia Book inspires all to follow Gandhiji’s Principles and values

In a Gentle way, You can shake the world

Asia’s Records Book, following the principles and values of the Father of the Nation, inspire all their Asia Book Record Holders to abide by his principles and gently rise above the bar to shake the world.

When he can, so we can. Gather momentum, focus better and there’s nothing which can’t be achieved. You have to keep progressing towards the higher goal, whatsoever come the way and whatsoever it takes. Sandcastles could be built in a day but not Rome. A solid foundation is the core of all achievements, without which nothing but the fake can be achieved. So, keep trying, for further details you could please reach us to talk to our adjudicators and research team to assist you in your endeavours.

Till then, Cheers!

Asia’s Records Book, For those with substance

Why Records Book?

Asia’s Records Book is riding high on its mission to bring out the inside hero of all passionate people who have the substance and an edge on others to enter their records book.  They are bent upon on creating a world of challenges, where all are ready to throw a challenge, accept a challenge and chase a challenge. Their Asia Book has inspired millions to find out space for themselves and make their place in the annals of history and engrave their masterstroke.

There’s an obvious question that why records book exists and what is their significance in this running chaotic world, where all are already chasing something or another and are deeply engrossed in their daily schedules. This question has emerged on various platforms by many aspiring to be record holders who have ever craved to enter their Asia Book of Records. Asia’s Records Book has always given them a clear insight into how humans get motivated and remained fuelled in even the most adverse circumstances by themselves, and that is where the records book comes in play.

Here let’s embark directly on the main clue rather than jotting all reasons and addressing other indirect matters, which have their impact on the record holders but are not the main ingredients to let them enter records book.

Records Book creates and set the milestones for the future generations along with setting a benchmark for the individual record holders who have just made their mark to the Asia’s Records Book created history and trying to make their impression in Guinness World Records.

The strength of a record holder lies in improvising his own attempt minute after minute, day after day and year after year. There’s nothing better than working on the skills which make them enter the Asia Book of Records or rather any other Records Book as Guinness World Records. Aspiring record holders can directly fill the application form and start their mission.

Asia’s Records book is regularly conducting sessions on encouraging all to enter their Records Book and claim their space in the horizons of exceptional people and to later make their mark to even Guinness World Records. Their Adjudicators can further guide the new entrants to enter Records Book.

We invite all to attend our training sessions to enter our Asia Book and be an Asia’s Records Book Record holder and a Guinness World Records aspirant. One can always reach their blogs and remain tuned.