Training Day 15: Asia’s Records Book – Exploring new horizons and expanding your reach.


Yesterday’s session was a perfect delight for one and all. We are sure you all would have also enjoyed and learned a lot about what people think about Asia’s Records Book, the Asia Book of Record Holders. We are thankful to all of you for your grand participation and the enthusiasm you infused. A company is known by the people it keeps, not just by the management who manoeuvres.

We like the idea that you all have big aspirations and have raised the bar on your own from that you all set individually for yourself. It is a very healthy symbol of successful people and a must to enter the book of records. The more they learn and the more closer they reach their target, the more they aspire for. It is this grand spirit that keeps them ahead of the competition and the world, no matter which so ever field they are and whatever career they are pursuing. 

We are bringing here the three main takeaways from the session.

 1) Motivation matters: Motivation is the key fuel of any endeavour. If one is motivated and inspired to achieve the mission one has set, then one has already achieved the half, the moment he/she takes the first step. It is of utmost importance to stay positive oozing with energy and brewing with zeal to reach your goal before anyone pursuing the same task would have ever reached. Achieving and entering the Records Book it- self is a great motivator and performance enhancer.

2) Daily plans with hourly schedules: There is no substitute for daily plans and reviews. If one has not planned the day, then one should take it for guaranteed that more than half of the day is bound to be wasted. A properly planned day a night before is a must if one is serious about one’s goal and mission. 

3) Before bed reviews: Similarly, the reviews are important before one goes to bed on the same day. One should not seek an excuse from what was planned for the day and what one has achieved. Achieving the planned task is important, but owning the responsibility and considering the aspects that prevented one to achieve them is the most important. If one will not jot down and think over the obstructions and the hurdles, then they are bound to repeat after day. Things don’t correct on their own, but they have to be corrected.

These were the main three contributors and the defaulters we found yesterday that kept making rounds the entire day. Though sounds simple and obvious are never followed by many. People who are running ahead of their schedule is because they are following the above simple norms while those who are trailing are not. Visit our Day 2 training. You will remember that we already diluted our planned in advance to achieve them.

Are we not doing them: We all often miss on the simpler things while we are busy in aiming for the higher goals. Rather, the game is another way round. If one does the simpler things efficiently, the greater ones unroll on their own. All greater things are the result of hundreds of simpler things clubbed together. Those who achieved greater results were not because they did something great but because they did simpler things more efficiently, effectively and timely in a planned manner.

Do it now: We would like all of you to deeply think over these three aspects and incorporate them into your coming days’ daily regime. Before being to bed, you must ensure that you are through them. And, from tomorrow onwards try to be on track more briskly and responsibly.


Participation Certificate

Asia’s Records Book, the Asia Book of Record Holders provides participant certificate to all the participants who help to create records no matter whether they are created by the assistance of a small team of 10 or a mass population from 10K to 50K.

We understand that it’s the Generals won the war though Soldiers fought it. We give due credit to all whomsoever contributes to creating the record from participant to trainer and from the facilitators to the volunteers.

We appreciate the notion that ‘No one is better than all of us’ and ‘United we stand and divided we fall’. There cannot be a single man army and if it is so, then somewhere we are discrediting the unsung Heros. We respect all.

All associated persons supporting during Records Creation have to individually enter their identity on our website and after corroborating with the Record Holder and confirmation from our Identity Verification Team. Once verified, they will be entitled to receiving their due credit and honour which they rightly deserve. So, if one is planning for the record attempt, it is suggested to inform other associated hands too of their recognitions and honour they are about to qualify. You could please apply here to claim your credit

Training Day – 12: Asia’s Records Book Mantra to have the courage to continue

Training Day – 12: Asia’s Records Book Mantra to have the courage to continue

Today, we would start with a famous quote of Winston Churchill:

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the Courage to Continue that count”.

We are sure you all would agree with us. No success if final until we keep continuing professing it and no failure is fatal unless we accept it in principle that we can’t do it.

Courage to continue matters: It’s the sheer courage to keep doing without getting bothered with the outcome. At the beginning of every task, our efficiency, as well as effectiveness, is quite low but after practising even for a while things improve. How much is the improvement depends entirely upon the efforts one is putting and the dedication one is employed with. 

The trajectory of results differs: The trajectory of the result may differ from person to person but if one keeps doing without fail then it doesn’t take long to overcome one’s inefficiencies and limitations. It’s the simplest lesson to achieve the things which at first glance appears not only to be daunting but impossible. To enter a records book, one needs to focus on one’s own trajectory in the beginning rather than watching one of others.

You are beyond comparison: The second most important thing is to never compare yourself with someone in the beginning otherwise, one would get demotivated and demoralized to stop practising it. We all are different with different skills and potentials and if we have dreamt something passionately then nothing can stop us from achieving it, except ourselves.

We would like to quote here one famous quote of Carol Burnett:

When you have a dream, you have got to grab it and never let go.”

Nurture your dream: It’s your dream and is ignited by your passion so it is your responsibility to kindle and nurture it without fail. In the beginning, all plants are weak and fragile to easily get swept away with the winds. Similarly, when one is new to a particular skill one should practice it diligently and pursue it for long before starting comparing with the pioneers in the field or even your next-door neighbour. 

Perseverance and Patience pay: And, we are sure your perseverance and patience will definitely pay you in your journey to enter our Asia’s Records Book, the gateway to our Asia book of record holders that provides you with a direct flight to name and fame.

Be the Motivation and Inspiration of others: The day is not far when you would become motivation and inspiration for thousand others, the way you are motivated and inspired by someone today. Those by whom you are inspired today were also like you someday. All record holders have started their journey somewhere someday at some point in time. 

Don’t get your mind clouded: The great thing about them was that they dare to dream and were frim to live their dreams the way you are doing. In continuation, they also keep on doing it persistently without letting their initial performance cloud their minds or shake their confidence in them.

Follow the Leaders: On a similar pattern keep moving till you become an icon. Follow your daily regime religiously without even a single day gap and take our words, the day is not far when you would be our record holder and enter our book of records.

Today once more visit our

, a step closer to our Asia Book.


Training Day: 11 Time to Learn from others to enter the Book of Records

Today is going to be the most important day of our training as we all are going to learn from many others who are also aspiring to enter our Asia Book of Record Holders, Asia’s Records Book. All the participants would be sharing their experiences, limitations and how to overcome the teething problems of daily practice and training.

We all remain trainees and learners throughout our life. Even after working for a long tenure in jobs and dedicatedly practising in a particular field, one always remains as a learner and daily learns one thing or the other. Therefore, one should never give up on learning and always remains open to learning from any source.

Reaching goals swiftly: Similarly, we would like to suggest all of you to creatively participate in today’s Zoom meeting and avail this opportunity to learn new methods and systems to enhance your performance and swiftly reach your goal. But there is no need to directly copycat someone as we all are different individuals with different competence levels and different skill sets. It is a must to write the advice given by others on a piece of paper and take a note of it.

As per Brian Herbert:

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice.”

In a nutshell, we all are gifted with a capacity to learn but it is one’s willingness whether he wants to learn or not. This attribute distinguishes one from the rest of the people in its journey to success. Thousands of instances daily happens in our surroundings with an inherent lesson hidden in them. People with an inclination towards learning, pick them while others overlook them and cross by.

Loyal ‘Jack’ Lewman once said:

Never stop learning; for when we stop learning, we stop growing.”

The message is to keep learning until one breathes its last breath. There is no concession to it. The more we learn, the more we grow.

How you all are similar: In our today’s meeting, there would be different participants like you, who are aiming high and have challenged themselves and their abilities to surpass their own limitations and push their boundaries to be a record holder. They all have their own capabilities, strength and weaknesses. But the only thing that makes you all similar to each other is that you all are eager to work and learn to achieve the same goal of being a record holder.

Attributes that matter: In such scenarios, the agility, vigour, strength, ability and many other attributes matters. The more one is bent upon achieving the results, the more one would be active and willing to undergo transformation to come out as successful.

Tomorrow, we will require all of you to drop us a mail along with your daily performance matrix and the checklist about your takeaways from the session. You should write to us all that you learned and how you are planning to implement those great things in your daily schedules to enter Asia’s Records Book. Also, visit our 5th-day training of – Exploring our thoughts and firming our Mind

So keep learning and keep working till you achieve your goals.


Training day: 10 – Celebrate your training to enter Records Book, entering double digits day

Entering the double-digit training day regime is a matter of pride. We would like to congratulate you all on working diligently for all the nine days that have passed and would like you all to stay at the training schedule the same way you have been doing all over these days. 

Regular training, timely corrections, punctually filling performance and bar charts, adhering to the decided schedule, staying in full steam, and sending daily reports to us is all that it takes one to enter our Records Book and be our record holder.

  1. It’s the action that matters: You all have proved that you have the passion, zeal and enthusiasm to attain great heights and be a record holder. Training and counselling do matter, but it’s the action that bears the fruit and brings results.

We, with our experience, guide you the way that others have taken to reach the summit of their career and advises you to escape the pitfalls they met during their journey to success. It helps you directly trekking the track, the leaders have trekked and reached their goal within a stipulated time.

Otherwise, by the time you would be identifying the right trek, you would have wasted a lot of time and the kill inside you that is making you work to reach your goal. 

Brian Tracy once said:

Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do”.

  • Let’s have an additional resolution today: Today we want all of you to set some new resolution that complements and further steam your training schedule. Add some mental programs like meditation and quizzes that strengthen your mind and energize it further to stay resolute while heading towards your mission. Also visit Day-1 Training and see how we set our goals

Eleanor Roosevelt is right:

With the new day comes the new strength and new thought.

Let every new day bring in you an extra dose of strength and resoluteness towards your mission


  • Add diary to your reports: Start adding a small note of how you are feeling today after undergoing your training schedule. Jot down things that helped you today and also those that were trying to divert you from your daily training schedule. It could be a simple feeling of your mind or some of someone’s remark or maybe even the boredom which comes from monotonous daily practice. Just write over, howsoever you feel. 

You work on these distractions and try to find out how quickly you can overcome these in case they surface again. And, in case you find it difficult to handle, share with us and let our experts guide you to overcome them. But sorting them at the earliest is a must because every day matters and it is just not the final day of achieving something.

  • Nothing happens overnight: Remember, everything takes time, even a seed takes weeks to germinate, months to become a plant and years to get converted into a huge tree. Have patience and keep moving ahead without worrying about your daily harvest. Your every step paves your way to enter our book of records.

We would like to quote Robert Louis Stevenson:

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

Your everyday effort is a seed for the next day’s work. If you will not seed it today then on what you would be working tomorrow. Harvest will come but after a considerable effort. Working to receive the harvest is also harvest in itself.

Celebrate your entering in the double-digit of your training and resolute something more to yourself. We would be reverting back tomorrow with our Zoom meeting. Stay happy and have fun!!!

Training Day 9: Essence of perseverance for entering Asia’s Records Book

Yesterday late evening, we received a call from one of our trainees who is dedicatedly working to enter our Records Book. He asked us a very genuine question about the essence of perseverance. It was not the question but the way he asked the question which touched us deeply and inspired us to write on it. 

The question was simple but important – does perseverance really pays. He was afraid if he will miss his training the next day, it should not happen that he is left behind forever to never get a chance to enter our book of records.  

And the obvious answer was a loud and big YES. Yes, it pays. He is attempting a record for maximum skips in a minute under age 6. While doing his daily practice, he got his toes hurt to not to let him jump for the next 10-15 days, till he recovers the soring toe-thumb nail. Physically he is not in the state to even walk, set aside to jump and that too skip.  

Mental strength is stronger than the physical strength: The mental strength is exponentially powerful than physical strength. One may not be physically fit to do something, but if one is determined to do it, then nothing can stop it, no matter whatever comes the way. 

We would like to mention here a good instance of the renowned French professional football player Dijbril Cisse who broke his left leg in 2004, and the right one in 2006 but still represented the France national football team, earlier at FIFA 2002 and later at 2010 besides being the part of les Bleus’ 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup-winning squad. So no doubt physical does matter, but it’s the mental strength and the will power which rules the accomplishments and achievements.

The same example we gave to our would-be Record Holder and advised him to take proper rest and then slowly and slowly come back to the training regime. While at the bed, daily practice mentally and work out all those things that he feels would be helping him later to overcome this period. He would rather refine his training workouts with his coach and thoroughly read the inspirational stories of legends who have defied the limitations and have overcome all the obstacles to evolve out with flying colours.

Gillian Anderson once said:

Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance and facing your fears.”

And don’t you feel it is correct also. We are sure you must have felt the same sometime in your life. The more the one is mentally tough, the more one has felt it again and again. Being adamant pays, but one should be wise enough to decide where to get adamant and where not.

John Quincy Adams also put it nicely:

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”

Difficulties and obstacles do exist, but if one is rigid it doesn’t take long to decide how to overcome it. As we always used to tell our aspirants that there are thousands of ways that take one to its goal. What one requires is to find out the best course which suits him/her with the available resources and in a particular circumstance.

We do copy others while climbing the ladder of success, but there are times when we require to change our path slightly and then resume with the earlier one.

For today, we would be closing here and would be suggesting all remain stick to the training schedules and keep working diligently till we reach our destination. Tomorrow is our Zoom meeting, and we want all to be there on time with all doubts and questions. It would rather be an amazing experience to listen to others too.

Stay strong, stay healthy.


Training Day: 6 Asia’s Records Book – Finding your Enemies and Foes

Training Day: 6 Asia’s Records Book – Finding your Enemies and Foes

Today is the sixth day of your training and our journey during Coronavirus Lockdown. We are sure by now you all have become used to of your training regime and would have started enjoying your daily practice and training schedule. 

Yesterday’s homework: We yesterday try to bring some light on firming your minds and making yourselves responsible for all your failures and success. We are sure you all have looked into yourselves, your achievements, your accomplishments and your failures alike. And if not yet done kindly do a favour to yourself by doing it today.

Finding out different ways: Unless you will realize that there are thousands of ways of achieving your goals to anything, leave aside name and fame or entering into our Asia Book of Record Holders, you would never realize your actual potential and your own limitations. You would never realize that there is nothing in this world that is holding you behind other than your own self rather your own personal thoughts and beliefs you have garnered throughout the life you have lived.

Awaken yourself: Once you will learn that you are responsible for everything happening to you and surrounding you in the environment you have chosen to live, you would for sure be a different personality altogether. From here onwards you would be shouldering all failures and start working on yourself to overcome or arrange the resources or time from here or there to achieve whatever is pre-requisite to achieve daily as per your plan. 

In continuation of our learning from Lord Buddha’s pearls of wisdom today we would be showcasing his one more preaching.

“It’s a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe that lures him to evil ways”

Prevent distractions from your goals: For you, the evil ways are nothing more than anything else that distracts you from not sticking to your plans and let your mind wave. So the million-dollar question that arises now is how to prevent all those things that prevent you from your goals. And it is as simple as controlling your mind by taking out all clutter and useless things from it. In a nutshell, you don’t have any foe or enemy that prevents you from being a record holder but it is your own mind that prevents you from following the right path to enter a book of records

Overcoming fear of your mind: It could be the fear of your mind also that has become evil for you and prevent you from remaining adhering to your goals as you may not be receiving the types of results you are expected to receive. And there is nothing to worry about the results at this stage as this is the first week of our training and our body and mind take time to adapt to the new environment.

Owning responsibilities: We hope by now, you would have understood the importance of owning the responsibility of your success and failure. And it all lies in our brain, we don’t even need to blame our parents, poverty, physical capacity or anything else. Everything can be built and endured. And you are capable of doing it don’t rely on anyone else.

“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help is you freed.”

From this moment itself own all your success and failure and free yourself from all helps you receive or otherwise stop blaming for not receiving the kind of help you were expecting to receive and you didn’t. Also visit our 2nd day training today to refresh our plans.

Tomorrow would be the seventh day and we would be discussing your performance of the last week to refine and tune your planning. 

Stay charged, Stay responsible!!!

Training Day: 4 Asia’s Records Book, a step closer to our Asia Book of Record Holders.

Training Day: 4

Welcome on day 4 to our session of Lockdown Training. 

Today and about a week onwards you would keep focussing on your training we planned earlier during the Day: 1 and Day: 2 to enter our Asia’s Records book, the Asia Book of Record Holders and we would keep you visiting the inner realms of inner consciousness to let you find your strength and work on it. This will help you in accelerating your performance in the coming days and the rest of your life.

To delve slightly deep into it lets visit one of the Lord Buddha’s beautiful quote:

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart, give yourself to it.”

Though the message is sound and clear let’s look further into it. As discussed yesterday, one has to, first of all, find out one’s inner strength, and the real skill set god has adorned one with.

And once one has discovered one’s world, then he/she has to put all heart and get devoted to it in further enshrining it and doing the real things on what one is good at. One has to get into it with one’s body, mind and soul to attain the best out of one.

How it could help us: Once we would discover our world, it would become very simpler and easy for us to focus on our aims as they would be already in line with our body biology and chemistry, and would tremendously increase our performance. Once we would get the taste of our performance, it would work miracles on us, as it will keep on making us work more and more whenever we would be exhausted or thinking of giving up.

Also, today we would be introducing you with one of the next Lord Gautama Buddha’s marvellous quote:

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” 

This is another important Lord Buddha’s quote we often discuss during our training sessions and advise all our future aspirants to follow and adhere to. We rather ask them to hold for a day or two and work on controlling one’s mind. 

It’s neither simple nor easy to do though it appears to be too simple. But if one will invest a day or two we are sure one would learn on working on it and slowly and steadily will acquire the desired level. Everything in this world is achievable. Whatever Lord Buddha has said was by his experience and was not sheer philosophy or hollow speech.

In a nutshell, if we will learn these two quotes today and practice over them along with continuing with our goal of entering our Asia book of Records Holders, then trust me you are invincible and nothing can hold you behind.

Before we close for the day, we would like you to check your performance bar graph and keep watching it. Ensure that you are sticking to what you planned. Don’t overwork as things take their own time before finalizing their shape. You just keep an eye that you are sticking to the plan and are practicing the quotes we briefed today. And this will make us sure that you are quite close and not much far behind from telling the world that you are different and superb.

Keep moving and the world itself will roll on for you.


Training Day3: Asia’s Records Book, the Gateway to Name & Fame

Day – 3

Today is Day 3 of the Coronavirus Lockdown and we all are inside our homes with restricted movements and good social isolation. A few of you may be finding it difficult rather unbearable to live such a secluded and isolated life. But at the same time, there must be a few who despite feeling at odds must be working hard, sweating a lot and manoeuvring all-time best to make the best use of this time.

This isolation has rather given them great insight into what all this life is about from all that they are to what best they could do.

Find out your inner strength: As it had been well said that all people on this planet come with a special task assigned and no two people are similar or have the same skill set. In such a time when one is cut-out off from the rest of the society, the mind stops racing and come at peace with the body and soul. And, this is the right time when one gets connected to one’s inner conscious and start receiving the inherent messages which were stored in our bind at birth but we never find enough time and peace of mind to read them.

Now why we are telling you all: Many times it so happens that we start doing something not because we like it or enjoy it but because we are aware of someone or in touch with someone who is making pride or good money by it.

And this inspired us to the extent that we make someone else potential as our passion without even realizing a bit that it is his/her talent, not ours. For days, months, and years and even for the full lifetime, we keep on practicing it hard trying to do something distinct but never succeed.

Albert Einstein once said

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

And our dear, to be Record Holders, who are trying to enter our Asia Book of Record Holders, the same applies to you all.

What you all are doing: You all are working hard and practicing a lot to do something different and achieve a lot of fame and name. So the first step of deciding to work hard is over. Many people find this obstacle too difficult to even overcome it for their entire life.

What Next: Now, along with doing this all hard work during your Lockdown Training start spending some time with yourself in complete peace. Try to gaze in your inner conscious and explore what you are strong at, what were some of your greater strengths that have always brought you out of the crowd as no. 1.

After what: Once you have realized it, test it somewhere whether you are right in your search or not. Try your this strength achieving something entirely different and from some different perspective. If you succeed, note it down somewhere and try to involve it in your record attempt practice to enhance it and make it better.

Keep continuing the above three steps regularly. We will take it next during our next week.

How much we achieved in the last two days: Do a quick small analysis over your performance with respect to what we planned and how we are proceeding. Do the necessary corrections you feel are important and enjoy the drive to enter our Records Book.

Great to be with us so far, we hope you are enjoying the drive the way we are. We will be back by tomorrow.

Till then Cheers, be in full steam!!!