Asia’s Records Book Congratulates Mr. Nirmal Purja – Summiting 14 Mountains

Asia's Records Book (For those with Substance) - Congratulates Mr. Nirmal Purja for setting World Record.
Asia’s Records Book (For those with Substance) – Congratulates Mr. Nirmal Purja for setting World Record.

Congratulations, Mr. Nirmal Purja, 36, for setting a seem to be tough World Record to break for others – to summit world’s 14 highest mountains in just over six months, which took others years to complete. Asia’s Records Book is proud of your feat and will encourage all our Asia Book Record Holders to take inspirations from your efforts and raise their own bar to set new records.

He reached the summit along with his other team members Mingma David Sherpa, Galjen Sherpa and Gesman Tamang.

Though Mr. Purja has summited the Everest several times earlier also, to set a world record in such a deadly season where 11 people died during the same short period speaks volumes of the daunting task he did. On the top, he had exceptionally limited days to make it to the summit.  

Mr. Purja makes the mark that anything is possible with determination, self-belief, and positivity. What he did in just six months is not even imaginable and seemed insane before he achieved it.  

He started in April 2019 to be the fastest to achieve this feat to begin with scaling with Annapurna and then remaining 13 mountains in the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges across India, Nepal, China, and Pakistan. 

We inspire all to learn determination, self-belief and positivity from Mr. Purja and apply to enter our Asia Book.


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