Congratulations! Lucas Etter

Congratulations! Lucas Etter to be the new Fastest to solve a Rubik’s Cube in an astounding 4.904 seconds to break the 5-second   barrier in a standard3x3x3 puzzle and enter the Guinness World Records. Asia’s Records Book inspires all their Record Holders to follow his footsteps and make their way to their Asia Records.

It’s just not a matter of being fast fingered to enter Guinness World Records but a matter of fine blending dexterity with pace. Today River Hill High School in Clarksville, Maryland would be obviously feeling proud on you, but you are much more than that and definitely a role model for all our Asia’s Records Book aspirants to motivate them enough to enter our Asia Book.

Setting a new Guinness World Record after just two months of creating a one in Woodmont Hills Church in Nashville, Tennessee, USA in September is a real deed in itself.

You can also grace Asia’s Records Book by entering our Asia Book in addition to being a Guinness World Records Record holder.

We also welcome you to read our other blogs and give your valuable suggestions to our aspiring Asia Book record holders at our other home blogs. You can further know about us in our following section.


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