Entering Asia’s Records Book, the Asia Book of Record Holders – Day 2

Day – 2

Today is the second day of India’s Lockdown and our training on entering Asia’s Records Book, the incredible Record book of entire Asia showcasing the real talents and the unique deeds. Our Asia Book of Record Holders is pride in developing new record holders and building all the aspirants to have their pie of the toast of pride.

So, now coming back to where we left yesterday with five basic steps to kick start your journey for entering our Records Book. By now, we believe you would have set your mission and plan your strategy for achieving, what to date was looking to you unachievable. Now on being set the goal and finalizing a planning chart on how much to achieve daily, we are ready to start.

  1. Cut short your first-week performance: As a first step of the second day, we would like you to cut short your first-week target by 20% and add it to the next week’s goal. We want you to art gently without any stress and pain. After the first week, you will get accustomed to the process and your body will get used to it to carry the stress we have curtailed at this moment.  
  2. Take Action at the right time: As discussed in our earlier session we have to be punctual and disciplined to do the required action at the stipulated time and not whenever you will feel like doing. You may repeat it at the later time of the day but must have to perform at the marked time.
  3. Measure your attempt: Ask your trainer to measure your performance and make a note of it and at the same time also update the bar chart. Otherwise, if you are computer savvy you could add the figures to the computer and it could make the chart of your performance. Howsoever, you do but must fill the readings manually in the card and display it somewhere clearly on the wall to always remain in front of you with clear visibility to make the figures keep hovering in your mind. It will keep you on your toes of doing better the next day and this single thought will keep you inspired for the rest of your day.
  4. Celebrate your start: Congratulate yourself on making a start and taking the first step towards being a record holder. The first step is the most important step of any journey, without which nothing can be accomplished.
  5. Write your diary: After the attempt, jot down your today’s experience in your diary of how you are feeling and what you are going to improve upon tomorrow. It is your personal asset and guide, so remain honest to yourself. It need not be flowery but at the same time should not be in a negative tone, no matter howsoever you performed on your first day of starting your record journey. We have instances of people, who took a week or so to come to their real strength, There are hundreds of factors which may hinder you at the beginning of your 100%

Send us your updates and keep us posted in our mail about your daily performance. We would be happy to see you growing and heading towards your mission of rising to the platform that you very well deserve. Our trainers are available online, you could consult them during office hours from 10:00 to 5:00.

So we are here closing for the day and would see you tomorrow with new enthusiasm and tons of energy. Stay fit and pampered. 

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