Entering Asia’s Records Book, the Asia Book of Record Holders – Day 1

Training Day – 1

These 21 days of the Covid-19 Lockdown is the right time for one to sharpen one’s skill and work towards one’s goal of being a record holder. Anyone could work on the skill set he/she believes can stands him apart and provides an elevated platform. We all are different in quality as well as the quantity, and this is exactly where the competition comes into play. This clear edge over another let us enter the records book.

How can we start?

The first question now that arises is from where to start and how to start. Here we are listing a checklist that will help one in keeping a self-review of what one has done and how much one is leading or lagging from the earlier task.

  1. Mission: Before embarking on any journey one has to first mark the objective or the agenda of the journey that where one wants to go and why. This mission should be clearly written and it should be measurable. In case it is not measurable than one cannot improve it or again work on it to further enhance it the next time.
  2. Planning: Next planning is of prime importance. It sets the navigation for our mission and the steps one has to daily take to make it a success. Without proper planning the efforts are a mere waste, no matter how so ever rigorous or hard work one has put. The planning on paper set the road map one has to follow to keep moving in the right direction and take the right step daily.
  3. Resources: After one has planned well, and chalked out a map taking to the goal, one needs to work on one’s resources. The availability of resources is important to not to let not lose focus once started. Otherwise, one would end up executing the task by compromising here and there. This will drastically reduce the performance or may even rather change the entire navigation. It can either let one badly trail as per the plans or will not yield the type of initial result one has to achieve step after step.
    1. Minimum Resources: While collecting resources, it is not necessary to massively collect extra resources or spend lots of money on materialistic things. What one needs is to collect the basic resources that could help one in performing the task.
    2. Correct Measuring tools: The tools should be calibrated and right to serve the purpose of measuring the performance. A wrong tool can take one directly off the track without even realizing it. And by the time one will realize it, it would be too late to correct from that stage without paying dearly for it.
    3. Bar Chart: The graphical analysis of any project is a must to have a glimpse of where one is exactly in its mission and how much one is achieving daily. As goes an old proverb that a picture speaks thousands words is a good fit here. What one see has more impact on one’s mind rather than what one reads Therefore, preparing a proper graph showing one’s daily performance is quite significant when one is working to achieve some time-bounded task.
  4. Place: Selecting the right place for daily work without any disturbance or diversion is as important as ones dreaming of becoming a record holder. After all, it is going to be one’s temple or the most sacred place where one will be tirelessly working day and night chasing one’s dreams. Any disturbance during training can divert one’s attention and can tilt the inclination to achieve something which needs a hard blow. So, don’t give up on selecting the right place in some isolation away from the daily disturbances of life.
  5. Trainer: Trainer or a Guru is the most important person in any mission or training as it keeps one on the task. A friend could also be a Guru even if the friend doesn’t know about the act one is going to master. The Guru could at least measure one’s performance with respect to what one is supposed to achieve and how much it is achieved. It not only helps but is vital for any mission or a journey to reach its destination in time and as per the expectations.

So, by now you would have learned how to embark on the journey of being a record holder in a given time. We at Asia’s Records Book, the Asia Book of Record Holders provide comprehensive training on how to be a record holder.

Don’t let the Coronavirus Lockdown lock your future.

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