Happy World Brailles Day! January 4th 2019

Asia’s Records Book wishes all a Happy World Brailles Day!

This Day is a reminder for us all of the importance of accessibility and independence for people who are blind or visually impaired. Let’s pledge to provide them with all facilities to have them a convenient living and make our world more accessible to them.

Asia’s Records Book – Happy World Braille Day!

Today, let’s spread the awareness about braille and it’s all other accessible forms of communication for all blind and partially sighted people. Let’s provide all a fair and similar platform to live and thrive as we all for sure deserves the same convenience, facilities, pleasures, accommodations and service, regardless of ability and calibre.

Asia’s Records Book on World Braille Day accepts their responsibility to do their part to make the Word and workplaces more accessible, comfortable and fit for all.

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