Imperial relic of China: The Daming Palace

One of the eight wonders of SCO, discovered in 1957, this imperial beauty cherishes the deep history of china and its culture. Its outlook and charisma are modelled by dynasties and their design, especially Tang dynasty. Located in northeast present-day Xian, the Daming palace is one of the three great palaces of Chang’an (Xi’an) together with the Taiji Palace and the Xingqing Palace. This exquisite land of palace surrounds an area of 3.2 square kilometres, equaling 3.5 Forbidden City, 3 Palace of Versailles, 12 Kremlin, 13 Louvre, 15 Billingham, or 500 football fields.

The palace is divided into two courts- “Front Court” and “inner Court”
Front Court, the Hunyuan Hall is 600 meters away from the main entrance of the palace, Danfeng gate. This hall relishes the history of important ceremonies and celebrations of the state. Walk 300 meters more to reach Xuanzheng hall. The isolation and security of place define the importance of discussions on national affairs between the emperor and his ministers. 95meters north stands Zichen Hall for the emperor, his ministers and private audience. Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Central Harmony and the Hall of Preserving Harmony of the Forbidden City in Beijing is a typical representation of that

Inner Court: The Linde Hall, spread across an area of 130×80 meters welcomed banquets, performances, foreign envoys in the presence of the emperor of Tang dynasty.

This palace is evidence of sacredness of the rich culture of China and people’s love for it.

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