Asia’s Records Book – Sweets Carnival – Let’s make this Diwali Different!

Asia’s Records Book has always attempted to give life a new outlook, a new meaning, a new purpose and make it more colourful, tasteful, rejoicing, sweet, spicy and piquant. It’s time to treat your sweet-tooth.

A Very Happy and Prosperous Dhanteras!

At our Sweets Carnival on Dhanteras, we are preparing delicacies as Crackers form to make you more care-free and cheer to keep you indulging. Yes, it’s different. It’s going to be a tasteful Diwali in addition to the Green Diwali. Laddoos will be Bombs, while Jalebis would imbibe Chakris. Chowmein would be Chatter-Patter and Goal-Gappa’s the Anars to burst the moment you gallop.

Dhoklas would be hand bombs, and Rasgullas the special tongue delights to be nothing short of multi-colour throw bombs. Our fusion sweets would take you right away to the memories wherein we use to lit meters long red-bombs strip.

Be there to arouse your taste buds to incite your urge to have more every time you taste something, every time you try a surprise and make this Asia’s Records Book Sweets Carnival, special for your and for all.

You can join us along with your two more friends, subject to availability. Dress code is formal. Kids under four to join some other time. Venue and Rest guidelines along with registration with your pass. Send your registration before evening 6:00 today.

You all are Welcome!

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