Asia’s Records Book, the Asia Book of Record Holders provides participant certificate to all the participants who help to create records no matter whether they are created by the assistance of a small team of 10 or a mass population from 10K to 50K.

We understand that it’s the Generals won the war though Soldiers fought it. We give due credit to all whomsoever contributes to creating the record from participant to trainer and from the facilitators to the volunteers.

We appreciate the notion that ‘No one is better than all of us’ and ‘United we stand and divided we fall’. There cannot be a single man army and if it is so, then somewhere we are discrediting the unsung Heros. We respect all.

All associated persons supporting during Records Creation have to individually enter their identity on our website and after corroborating with the Record Holder and confirmation from our Identity Verification Team. Once verified, they will be entitled to receiving their due credit and honour which they rightly deserve. So, if one is planning for the record attempt, it is suggested to inform other associated hands too of their recognitions and honour they are about to qualify. You could please apply here to claim your credit