Rafflesia – The Largest Flower Ever Bloomed

The Rafflesia Flower has entered Asia’s Records Book for being the Largest Flower ever bloomed.

It sized 4 feet in diameter and was traced in West Sumatran forests of Malaysia.

Renowned as the ‘Monster Flower’ owing to its patristic properties, it bears a very repugnant stench.

The Largest Flower sized around 4 feet in diameter and bloomed in a West Sumatran forest was reported by the Natural Resources and Conservation Center in West Sumatra.

This flower is about 4 inches wider than the previous Largest Flower that was also recorded in the same region in 2017.

The Rafflesia is parasitic in nature and is dependent upon other plants for it nutrients and water. It keeps on growing in the parent plant, eating away its nutrients and consuming away its absorbed water for its growth and remain latent for a long period till it burst out from the parent plant and flowers.

Not to surprise, It has no roots or leaves of its own.

How it smells:  But this flower has a repugnant smell and emits a very foul odour, much more like that of rotting meat. This led it to be known among people as ‘Corpse Flower’.

What about its Life: The flower has a very short life of close to one week only. After a week of its blooming and attaining its full bloom it rots and dies. But that nowhere shrinks its pride of being the Largest Flower of the World.

How dies Pollination takes place: The insects are attracted towards the stench of the flower and that leads to its pollination.

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