Asia’s Records Book invites all in their Diwali Carnival

Diwali is on cards and all Asia’s Record Holders are waiting anxiously, holding their breath to be there, at Asia’ Records Book’s Diwali Carnival. We are proud of all our Record Holders who always make our gatherings, our meetings, our events, our celebrations and all our moments, awesome, fulfilling and mesmerising. It’s our Record Holders who are even closer to us than our near ones and dear ones, who are always with us in our all endeavours whether they are festivals or record attempts or seminars or symposiums, and that too without fail. This year’s carnival brings 50 special gifts in addition to an Editor’s Choice and a Director’s Special Surprise.

All our Asia’s Record Holders are cordially invited to make their unfading appearance at our Diwali Carnival and rejoice among all, once more.

It’s the time to know all, greet all, meet all, get acquainted and be known to all others who share the same dreams, similar ambitions, and identical aspirations. Register on our website, or by email, intimate us and be there.

Only registered members of Carnival would be allowed to limit the footfall and last minute rush.

Happy Diwali. Keep Celebrating!